This blog is merely a creative outlet for a young, opinionated individual. As such, the musings expressed herein may morph and evolve as I do.

I am not qualified to give financial advice and do not purport to do so. I am a firm believer in pursuing financial independence to facilitate living a freer, more autonomous life. That might look different for you than it does for me, so you may require substantially different methods and avenues. Take what works for you, and feel free to leave what doesn’t.

Although I am a qualified medical practitioner, I will never give medical advice via this medium. I will, however, share my insights, experiences and opinions to create context to the narratives on my blogs. Take it all with a pinch of tumeric.

(Also, I hope you know that I have taken the necessary steps to protect patient privacy.)

I am not affiliated with any political parties and the views expressed on this blog are solely my own and representative of my personal standpoints. I am passionate about social justice issues, and if that bothers you, I’m positive that there are several blander blogs that will suit a more neutral palate 😉

I cannot be held liable for the use or application of any of this information in your own life. Please be diligent with safeguarding your own health, wealth and well-being. Take responsibility for your own future, or you may look back and find that everyone else has influenced it for you.


The one thing I have no qualms being authoritative about, is my belief that if you are a creative being, you must live a creative life. Go forth and create!