This year has been all about adapting, and it’s only a month in.

A few things have happened in my life that have shaken up the usual status quo and forced me to come out of my comfort zone and start getting a little creative about how I use my many talents (in the biblical sense).


Remember that writer’s camp I wrote about? The one I was so nervous about because I’d been so creatively stagnant that I thought I would stink up the entire project?

Well, it turns out the project doesn’t stink. In fact, things went so well that we finally put out some music. I’d link it here, but that whole anonymous blogger thing kind of matters to me so you’ll have to just take my word for it. Just know that there’s an entire thing with professionally recorded vocals, a music video, a mini-documentary. It’s quite legit. I’m quite excited. It’s been years in the making.

Of course, all the positive feedback from the project has started some conversations about recording a full album. Some of the guys already have other projects that they’re recording for, some are still in university and some of us have these weird jobs that involve sick people and sleepless nights. So it’s been tough coordinating and scheduling things so that everybody’s priorities and responsibilities are still considered, but this is definitely a step in the right direction and I’m so proud to finally be putting my music where my mouth is. Three cheers for pre-FIRE goal-chasing!

Uber Frugal Month/FrugalFebruary

The biggest benefit of the UFM challenge for me has been the challenge to clean out my entire pantry. It’s an entire post on its own–oh, the things one can make with flour and water…–but I just really want to shout out to Frugalwoods (Frugalwoodses?) for creating such a community to motivate everyone doing the challenge. I was already tracking my expenses (hence discovering my biggest budget line item had absolutely nothing to do with my own spending) and had very few of them to begin with, all at super low levels and I didn’t want to chicken out just because I had a pre-planned vacation, so I customised it primarily by focussing on food (which is my biggest own-spending line item). I don’t spend a bunch on food, but I do tend to buy a bunch of it when I already have a full pantry/fridge, so this challenge really took me out of my usual rut and forced me to get creative. If you haven’t done the challenge yet, I’d encourage you to. It’s absolutely eye opening! I plan to continue uber-frugalising my existence throughout the month of February (I have a planned babysitting/staycation obligation that will intercut it, so in total the two months will really be one), so I’ll report back on my progress once this month is over.


After this rather depressing sneak peak into all the reasons that I hate working in wards (YES, that was just a sneak peak, there are a gazillion other reasons Wards+Mylky=/=love) I decided to change up my attitude and attempt to be a bit more delusional positive about the entire thing. I’m still an intern, so wards are going to still be a major part of my workplace experience for a solid two years (depending on whether I can get the ComServe post I’m eyeing). That’s a loooong time to be dissatisfied and short-tempered. I’m currently looking at all the things I hate and trying to see how much of those things I can alter/optimise/windowdress so that I have a more pleasant mindset. I know it’s not just a matter of thinking differently, I have to do differently and hopefully inspire change in those around me too.


Don’t think I forgot that I set a personal goal to finish writing a Novel in 30 days (I spread it over December and January because…well…wards). How did I do?

Not too well, but not too bad. I didn’t achieve my goal, but I wrote a whole bunch and had a blast plotting and researching and worldbuilding and just having the greatest party on my laptop over that time frame. It reminded me why I love to write so much, and rekindled my passion. I’m going to give it another try (over another two months stretch because…well…wards) with a different idea and then hopefully when the real NaNoWriMo pops by later this year my writing muscle will be sharp enough to complete the challenge in the actual month of November.


None of this stuff comes naturally to me. (Well, the creating does once it starts, but the starting…eh…) but this year I’m really trying to push myself to start taking responsibility for carving out the life I want, one day at a time, instead of simply waiting for some random moment when the stars might align and my perfect life might materialize out of thin air. (Also known as: never.) Just because it’s foreign to my system, just because it requires some integration time, a little effort and attention doesn’t make it bad.

If anything, it makes life that much richer and more exciting!


Edit 16/2/17: I wanted to go on a tangent about political times and the rampant xenophobia that has become mainstream here on home soil, in the first world and the global media. But people smarter (and calmer) than me already have it covered, so I won’t dull that topic by juxtaposing it with my relatively insignificant little wins here.


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