Dealing with this foolishness when I really want to be dealing with coastal sunsets and overdue reunions.

I honestly don’t understand the urge to be violent.

I mean, I’ve been mad at someone before. I’ve been frustrated plenty of times. People have done hurtful things to me. I’ve been backed into a corner and felt that I had no options.

But I’ve never once considered physically hurting someone as a way to solve my problems.

Furthermore, I don’t understand the urge to be extra violent around Christmastime.

The festive season mania in Casualty has just been unbelievable. Every third person has been assaulted by their spouse or their child or their friend. Every night someone’s significant other has stabbed them or thrown caustic fluid at them or done something equally horrific.

They warned us this time of year would be crazy. They banned us from taking leave to spend time with our own families. Our overtime shifts for the month nearly doubled. Ward rounds are taking forever because our wards are just packed to capacity and beyond. The queues of people needing care are longer than they’ve been for a while.

All because this time of the year everyone loses their damn minds.

I just don’t understand any of it. It’s the one thing I struggle to be “objective” about. And I honestly haven’t been getting enough sleep to make me feel like trying.

Why the hell are you stabbing your father? How the hell are you so drunk you don’t even remember getting into the driver’s seat of the car that you rode into a minibus full of children? Who the hell do you think you are whipping your four year old son with a sjambock? What the hell is going on? When the hell will the madness end?


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